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Do You Fascinate?

Are you a great salesperson?

What type of selling technique do you use to sell spas? If you are a consumer, how do you negotiate for the best overall price?

Every day, intentionally or not, you’re using fascination triggers to persuade people at work and home. Whether you’re pitching a new client, or inviting a friend to lunch, or lulling a cranky toddler to sleep, you’re using triggers to elicit a certain response.

Which triggers are you using to persuade and captivate?

You have seven potential fascination triggers: power, trust, mystique, prestige, vice, alarm, and lust. Each trigger leads to a different style of communication, and a different type of relationship. The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential your message becomes.

Through proprietary research of 1,059 people, with bite-sized video explanations, the F Score has been carefully designed over the course of six months to highlight which triggers you naturally apply.

In the battle to fascinate consumers, brands apply triggers, too. Volvo uses trust. Godiva uses lust. Fedex uses alarm. Apple Computers uses several triggers, most notably prestige and power. Triggers help companies sell products off shelves, persuade shareholders to invest, and convince key employees to stay.

But back to you. Take the F Score and learn which of the seven triggers you naturally apply in your own work and life.

Click here to take the brand personality test by Sally Hogshead.

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