How Hot Should a Hot Tub Be? What Temperature?

How hot should a hot tub be? What is the best or safest water temperature? Most hot tub manufacturers recommend a spa temperature of 102 to 104 degrees fahrenheit. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC), the organization that dictates how hot a hot tub can legally be set to, 104 degrees is still a safe temperature for your body. This safety measure was first introduced in 1979 as the popularity of portable spas for consumers increased.

Can a hot tub’s temperature reach over 104 degrees?

Although the legal limit for a hot tub is 104 degrees, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get hotter. If you own a well-insulated spa and it has a hot tub cover on it as well, the spa can easily reach 105 degrees or more when it is in heating mode. In a well-insulated, or energy efficient hot tub, the warmth has very little room to escape. Also, on hot days the sun can also increase the temperature of your spa, thereby allowing it to exceed the 104 degree limit.

Why is my spa limited to 104 Degrees?

Many experts say that water temperatures of 106 degrees or more can be harmful to your body, especially affecting individuals with heart conditions or high blood pressure. Even when soaking in spas within the legal limits, it is recommended to be aware of your body’s reactions and take the necessary precautions. While every person’s tolerance to high temperatures is different, it is a good idea to avoid extended amounts of time in hot tubs without cooling down or taking a break once in a while. In fact, many hot tub models include a “cool-down” seat which sits up higher than the therapeutic seats and allows your heart and upper body to sit out of the water, so that you are able to cool off.
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Can you set a spa’s temperature hotter than 104 degrees?

Yes, you can adjust your spa so that it can be set higher than 104 degrees, but it is definitely not recommended by the manufacturers. In many cases, tampering with your hot tub can even void the manufacturer’a warranty.

What should I do if my hot tub’s temperature isn’t working?

Most newer hot tubs have a temperature readout displayed on the control panel. The hot tub control panel usually shows the actual temperature that is being reported by the spa, and will also show the temperature that you have the hot tub set to. If you are not sure that the temperature is reading accurately, it is a good idea to place a pool or spa thermometer inside the hot tub as well. This way, you can check the hot tub’s temperature reading against the thermometer to make sure it is accurate and safe.

In addition to how hot a hot tub should be, other hot tub safety precautions include NOT using a hot tub when pregnant and children safety.

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