Easy-to-Follow Spa Care Program

Easy-to-Follow Spa Care Program Ideal levels for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and bromine or chlorine


1. Add a stain and scale control product during fill cycle.

2. Balance water according to your dealer’s instructions, testing kit, or use spa or hot tub test strips to test water.

3. Add sanitizer.

4. Test water using a test kit or test strips to make sure water is still balanced.

5. Shock with a spa shock or oxidizer.

Weekly Maintenance

Always allow product to circulate in water for one minute with jets on prior to adding another product. Circulate water for 10 – 15 minutes after all products are added.

1. Test water using a test kit or test strips. Adjust as needed.

2. Add stain and scale control according to label directions.

3. Add spa shock according to label directions.

4. Add a natural enzyme according to label directions (optional).

Monthly Cleaning

Remove the hot tub filter and spray it down with a high-pressure water hose. You may also choose to use a filter cleaner for a deeper clean.

3-Month Cleaning

1. Drain your spa.

2. Deep clean the filter with a hot tub filter cleaner and degreaser.

3. Follow Start-Up procedure including having your source water tested professionally.

Tip: When filling your spa, it is a good idea to place the hose in the filter compartment in order to prevent what is known as Air Lock.

Note: This information is intended for a residential spa with average use. It is not designed for public, commercial, or semi-public spas. If your hot tub is used more than three times per week, you should check and make chemical additions more often than suggested.