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How to Think of Great Ideas for Sales and Marketing

What happens when you hit a creative wall? Or do you ever feel like you are tapped out of ideas, especially when it is crunch time? Some people are idea machines and then, there is the rest of us. We need a little nudge to get our brains moving toward the development of a great sales or marketing campaign, or a better way to approach a situation that is in dire need of something snappy or creative. When that time comes, how do you find inspiration? It can be different for everybody, but here are some things that work for me on a continual basis…

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Hot tub cartridge filter, blue and white against black background.

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Hot Tub or Spa – Part Three: Filtration and Maintenance

Most portable hot tubs and spas use a cartridge-type filtration system to ensure clear, sparkling water. In cartridge filter systems, water is drawn in to the center of the filter, catching small particles and debris on the filter’s surface, then the water is pushed back out through the filter back into the spa. When shopping for a hot tub, an important question to ask is…

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Woman resting in a white hammock under three palm trees near the ocean.

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Hot Tub – Part One: Comfort

This is the first post in a series called “The Top 5 Tips for Buying a Hot Tub or Spa.” In this series we will discuss the most important considerations when choosing the hot tub that is perfect for you. Each day we will cover one of the five tips with a new post and we encourage you to leave your comments, thoughts and opinions.

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